We provide tailored financial strategic plans to our clients going beyond common methods that are usually limited to the application of general theories.We provide our clients with ongoing support during each financial process, building with them an investment program that meets and exceeds their needs.We are the strategic ally you need to build your future!

Accounts payable.

We provide automation and professional management of your accounts payable process. All transactions related to the payment of invoices or pending accounts are carried out by our team on an accurate and fast manner.This service allows companies and individuals to relate directly to our team to solve any needs or questions of their accounts payable process.Our group of professionals will be in charge of everything that covers this financial area, so you can focus on your business.

Loan Portfolio Intermediation and Management

Through effective intermediation Monroy & Co.PA takes charge of the request, management and maintenance of commercial loans for all types of investors.Our professional team carry on all activities necessary for the approval, execution and fulfillment of the loan. This allows the investor to regulate in a comprehensive way the progress of this financial process.Negotiation, terms and regulations of the debt, payment fulfillment, among others; they are all elements that we perform effectively for the benefit of all involved parties.

Business Acquisition

We provide a thorough contextualization of the industry you are interested in relation to the local and national economy.  We aim to make it easier for you to decide upon possible acquisitions to make your business grow.

Strategy Assessment

We Analyze and forecast future patterns of your business´ financial behavior, we use your company data to land the vision and give you alternatives to achieve it. This process involves different tools as business resource planning and historical accounting data.

Investment plan

Professional advice addressed to fulfill the specific requirements of your desired investment return and compatibility with your immigration status. We provide you a wide portfolio of services:
  1. Available Business Opportunities Portfolio
  2. Financial Advice for Business startup.
  3. Automation and Management of Accounts Abroad or in the U.S.
  4. Intermediation and feedback of your Migratory Legal Process
  5. Opportunities to Join to Existing Businesses